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A song written by Daryn for Sarra Forrester.

The first time I saw your face

my heart and love were born,

as is the sun each day

casting first light over Dorne.

The first time I ever said a prayer

was the first time I held your hands.

I wished that moment to last forever,

as water flowing through the Riverlands.

The first time I ever had a dream

It was of you, wearing a veil

I’d summit the tallest mountains

for your love, the mountains of the Vale.

The first time I stared into your eyes

My heart was torn, my love was breached

In your heart, I hope to grow

Like wheat does, in the fields of the Reach.

The first time I pictured my own death,

it was for you, fighting lions.

And I’d steal a thousand ships

for your love, I’d conquer the Iron Islands.

The first time I asked you to love me

Was today. Let’s go spend time on the sands,

Just you and me, my love,

spend time on the long shores of the Westerlands.

The first time I swore and oath

it was for your honor, to go forth,

protect and defend, your sacred beauty,

like the cold green forests of the north.