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Addam Cave is the third son in the Cave lineage.


Being the third brother of a small house on Crackclaw Point, Addam knew from a early age that he did not have much hope of becoming Lord of the House.

At the age of Eight, Addam travelled as his brother Dunaver's page/squire. This experience formed a strong bond between the two.

After a few years, his second brother, Zachary, struck a dishonest blow to Addam's shoulder. This wound would cause a deficiency in Addam's shield (left) arm and would continue to plague Addam in the future.

Important Events:

Sixth Era:

After taking milk of the poppy, Addam has dreams about being in a defense at King's Landing. He then decides to travel there in accordance to his dream.

Eighth Era:

Addam starts his recovery after a long spat of inactivity. Addam also takes part in the hunt for his brother, accused of conspiring to poison his father. Addam then becomes the only remaining son when Dunaver is exiled, and Zachary takes the black.