Addam Storm

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Addam Storm is a member of House Wylde. He is the bastard son of Ser Armond Wylde and a sailor's daughter, born before his marriage to Jeyne Lonmouth. He was raised in the castle of Rain House.


Born to a sailor's daughter who his father had grown fond of, his birth would result in the death of his mother. His aunt, Lady Jocelyn, would be the one to convince his father to bring Addam into Rain House to be raised alongside her own son, Jon.

Addam had a good upbringing, and obtained a similar education to his cousins and half-siblings; mathematics, reading, writing, sailing and martial skills. Like his father, he was a large, strong child and preferred sparring and working in the training yard, or out on the open sea.

He has a strained relationship with his half-siblings, Edric and Meredyth, whose mother disliked him and his presence in Rain House.

He is being trained by his father to take over as Master-of-Arms someday.

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