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Addam Swyft is the firstborn son of Damion and brother to Lann and Talla Swyft.


Addam grew up under the watchfull eye of his father who molded him to his desire. Now he is his favourite child and follows his fathers example in his distaste for Lann and helps his father becoming Lord.

Recent History

First Era

Addam tried to help his father usurp the position of Lord after Lord Jon and two of his sons had died, leaving only Arthur. Addam's brother, Lann, prevented this by helping Denys Swyft, their uncle.

Third Era

After the disappearance of Lord Arthur, Addam once again helped his father with his treasonous endeavor of becoming Lord of Cornfield. They were stopped once again however, by Addam's uncle Denys.


Damion Swyft, father

Alerie Swyft, mother (deceased)

Lann Swyft, brother

Talla Swyft, sister

Arthur Swyft, cousin