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Aedan Ormollen is the lord of Silkhead on the coast of Lys, and the nephew-in-law of Prince Varyo Velaryon. He is 16 years old.

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Recent Events

First & Second Era

Aedan is in hiding in Volantis. Not much is known of him during this period.

Third Era

Aedan returned to Lys, and presents himself to Varyo Velaryon. He was taken by the Prince as a ward. Aedan fought in the War of the New Princes, squiring for Varyo in battle, and bearing the Prince's banner.

At the Festival of the Lady of Lys, Aedan was told by Caerys Varyo plans to grant him lordship of Silkhead, one of the new Forts being built on the Lysene coast. Some time after, he found himself a lover in Tristan, a merchant's son.

Fourth Era

Aedan was married to a daughter of Syrio, magister of Myr, to seal an alliance between the two Free Cities. He accompanied Varyo to Dragonstone, to meet with Danae Targaryen.


Lyaan Ormollen, Aunt

Varyo Velaryon, Uncle-in-law

Aleo Ormollen(Deceased), Father

Aethan Ormollen(Deceased), Brother


"Aedan was certainly of Valyrian descent: he had the violet eyes and silver hair that was unmistakable. He was lithe and agile, climbing up to the deck of the ship with surprising speed." -Andrik Harlaw, reflecting on Aedan's appearance.

"I only asked him to marry the girl. I never asked him to love her." Varyo Velaryon to Caerys on Aedan's marriage.

"And you think Aedan is delicate? He cut through half a dozen of the Brothers Malevolent without drawing breath. I would hasten a guess that delicate is not his talent." Varyo Velaryon to Lyaan Ormollen, on Aedan's 'delicacy'.