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Lady Aemma Estren is the last surviving child of Lord Roger Estren, by his second wife Lady Jonquil Yarwyck. After the deaths of her father, her older half-brother and trueborn brother, Aemma inherited Wyndhall.


Aemma was born to Lord Roger Estren and his second wife, Lady Jonquil Yarwyck, in her family's seat of Wyndhall, in 488 AC. She grew up with her older half-brother Samwell and trueborn brother Edwyn. She was raised by her mother and her family septa.

Recent history

Second Era

Aemma's half-brother Samwell died when he fell of the horse, aged 13. Lord Roger also started looking for a possible husband for his daughter, but didn't find anyone.

Fourth Era

At the start of the fourth era, her family's lands were raided often by bandits, and Lord Roger rode on one occassion to destroy the bandits. He did destroy them, but got wounded, and died a week later out of his wounds. Her older brother Edwyn was left as the Lord of Wyndhall.

Fifth Era

Edwyn died out of a sudden and vile disease, and Aemma inherited Wyndhall. She remains unmarried to this day.

Sixth Era

After breaking the law of not taking of hands, Aemma was forced to pay a fine - and marry a husband of king's choice. Next thing that happened, however, was of much sinister nature, as a man came in, informing the lady and her court of a plot to assasinate Lady Estren and her family. She, alongside other ladies and female companions, as well as children and a few elderly servants, hid in the prisons of Wyndhall, while the man was being searched for by Ser Addam, her cousin and head of her guards and his men.

Eventually, the man was found and thrown in the cells, awaiting his sentence.


Born a beauty, Aemma was always made for a bride. However, the Gods would have her as a leader of our House. - Lady Jonquil on her daughter


Lord Roger Estren, father. ( deceased )

Lady Jonquil Yarwyck, mother.

Samwell Estren, half-brother. ( deceased )

Ser Edwyn Estren, brother. ( deceased )