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Aeslyn Targaryen, often referred to as the Mad Dragon, was the first wife of King Damon Lannister, and the Queen Consort of the Seven Kingdoms. She was the head of House Targaryen at the start of the first era.


Aeslyn's mother died giving birth to her younger sister, Danae Targaryen, and her father was left to raise them. After her mother's death, Aeslyn inherited the dragon Caelon. The dragons were kept hidden for fear of the Baratheon king discovering them and ordering that they be killed.

The two sisters had a difficult and tumultuous relationship. Aeslyn's madness was apparent to Danae from an early age, and Aeslyn would often bully her younger sister, blaming her for the untimely death of their mother. Their father did not hide his favoritism for Danae.

Recent History

First Era

In the first Era, Aeslyn married Damon Lannister. She soon became Queen of Westeros after her husband usurped the throne from Harys Baratheon.

Second Era

Aeslyn began an adulterous relationship with the commander of the Golden Company, Robert Manderly. Aeslyn set her dragon, Caelon upon Ser Ulrich Dayne during a the feast held for her husband's victory at the Battle of the Kingswood. Ser Dayne slew the dragon, but his arm was badly burned. Fed up with Aeslyn's madness, King Damon vowed to send her away for the duration of her pregnancy. 

While Damon was attending the wedding of Sarella Martell in Dorne, Aeslyn was brought to trial for her adultery. In the night, she fled to Braavos, causing her to be declared guilty and her child a bastard. Upon her arrival in Braavos,  she was taken in by the Sealord, Myrios Nesteros, but met an untimely death while giving birth to twins.


"Aeslyn loved to be the King's pampered whelp. She barely left her rooms half of the time, especially after Damon begun ignoring her. She kept up her 'pathetic woman' act long enough to drive me to annoyance. She was a pathetic creature, all in all. Lyaan used to call her the paper dragon when she teased me for supporting her. I think that is apt; a thing that pretends to be a dragon, and is destroyed by the slightest pressure." - Varyo Velaryon

"I guess you were right; you are no dragon. You are barely a queen." - Varyo Velaryon

"She was a right fucking madwoman." - Benfred Tanner

“She didn’t eat children. Or have scales all over her body. Or practice necromancy. But she was mad, if in a rather uninteresting way, comparatively. But I was a terrible husband. One that nobody, no matter how insane, deserved to have to put up with.” - Damon Lannister

Family Members

Danae Targaryen, sister

Rhaegar II Targaryen, cousin