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Alesander Cuy is the eldest child of Lord Leowyn Cuy and his wife, Lady Denyse. He is the current heir to Sunhouse and House Cuy. He is currently married to Rosamund Cuy, formerly Kidwell and has two children with her.


Alesander grew up in Sunhouse located in the Town of Cuy, in the Reach along with his two younger siblings, Quincy and Robyn. Due to their father being rather distant, Alesander ended up becoming the main figure in his siblings lives. When the War of the False King broke out, he and his father joined the war on their liege's side in open rebellion against the Crown. He ended up becoming knight sometime during the war. Eventually he would end up meeting and falling in love with Rosamund Kidwell, he ended up marrying her despite his father's displeasure. The couple ended up having two children together, a daughter named Melony and a son named Leo in honor of the current lord.

Recent Events

Eighth Era

Alesander congratulates Robyn on becoming a squire and heading out to Oldtown, however he also tells him that he should apologize to Quincy for the trouble that he has made before leaving.


“I believe an apology is in order. It wouldn’t be very gallant of you if you left for Oldtown before fixing your wrongs first." - Alesander encouraging Robyn to apologize to Quincy.

"Alesander’s the perfect dutiful heir who destined to take on the responsibility of lordship." - Robyn, thinking about his eldest brother.