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Alester Targaryen, also know as "The Black Orchid,"  "The Elegant Hand" and more recently "The Burning Hand," is a member of House Targaryen.


As a child, Alester was kept as a ward by King Renly Baratheon at King's Landing in order to keep the Targaryen House in line. While there, Alester and Renly's son, Harys Baratheon, became fast friends, forming a bond that lasted into Harys's own reign.

In the training yard Alester excelled at swordplay, referring to himself as "The Black Orchid." None knew the origin of this name, save Alester himself who believed it to be the pet name given to him by his father, Moredo Maegyr. In reality, Moredo fathered children far and wide, referring to it as "planting his black orchids."

Recent History

First Era

Near the beginning of the first era, Harys Baratheon raised Alester Targaryen to the position of Hand of the King, a move that irked many of the king's Lord Paramounts, and one which gave Loren Lannister the opportunity he needed to usurp the throne.

Alester fled King's Landing in the subsequent sack, and was thought dead by many in Westeros.

Second Era

Alester had not died however, and had instead made his way to Maidenpool where he heard the news of King Harys's death at the battle of the Kingswood. Enraged and saddened by the loss of his friend, the Hand collected a band of Baratheon loyalists, common thieves, bandits, and broken men, who came to call themselves the "Burning Hand's Men" after the branded hand they left burned into the skin of Lannister loyalists.

When King Damon sent soldiers into the Riverlands, the outlaws were forced to move from their position near Maidenpool to a new hideout near the Oldstones.

Third Era

As the Third Era drew to a close, the Burning Hand's Men were taken unawares by a troop of Lannister men charged by Loren Lannister to uproot the bandits from the Riverlands. Arthur Swyft and his men captured or killed nearly all of the bandits, Alester being one of the men captured.

With all other bridges destroyed by the Spring Without Sun the Lannister men were forced to travel north to the Twins to gain crossing. There they were joined by Brynden Frey and the party traveled south, intent on delivering the Burning Hand to King's Landing.

Family Members

Rheagar II Targaryen, cousin (deceased)

Aislyn Targaryen, cousin (deceased)

Danae Targaryen, cousin

Moredo Maegyr - Father