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Alia Baelish is the firstborn daughter of Lord Borhin Baelish and lady Roslyn Tully.

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Alia Baelish was born in the year 480 AC and spent much of her childhood within Harrenhal's walls. She was taught to read and write by the castle's Septa, wishing one day to become a Maester. However, this dream was fiercely rebutted by her father who passed away soon after her sixteenth nameday.

Recent History

First Era

Marq Baelish, having incurred the wrath of King Damon Lannister for his failure to support the crown during the Battle of the Kingswood, sent Alia into hiding, afraid that she would die in the inevitable siege. She was brought to Braavos by Marq's orders and hired a water dancer in order to improve her skill with the blade.

Second Era

In Braavos Alia eventually championed a trial by combat for a Lord named Jaquen Mohoro, defeating her opponent while sustaining numerous injuries. Infatuated with the man, Alia became pregnant with Jaquen's child, traveling to Qohor with the lord and meeting a woman named Alyx along the way.

There, Jaquen was killed by a rival lord, and Alia taken captive by Alyx, miscarrying during the process.

The two boarded a cog bound towards Westeros, but during the voyage the vessel was attacked by a Yunkai'i slaving ship. Both Alia and Alyx were taken captive, not without a fight, and brought to Yunkai to become slaves. There, Alia was bought by a slaver, H'zahk mo Rhazdar, who later sold her to Gezzen mo Zahk in Meereen, a pit-master intent on putting Alia to work in the fighting pits, and using her in other ways.

During her time as a pit fighter Alia defeated several opponents, including Gorko of the Headless. She captured the attention of Qazzaq zo Loraq, the self proclaimed King of Meereen, during one such bout, and was invited to join him in his chambers afterwards where she learned of the unrest building within Meereen and the possibility of a coup intent on overthrowing the King and reinstate the Great Masters.

While healing from an injury received during one of her fights Alia was visited by a young man. The visitor took the name Dunsen Storm, but as the Coup of Meereen began and progressed, it was revealed that he was actually Cleos Baratheon. The young stag saved Alia from the hot-blooded pit-master, Gezzen mo Zahk, and after his death helped spirit her away to the Free City of Lys.

Third Era

Having escaped Meereen, Alia took an apprenticeship under a man named Tycho for some time before securing passage aboard a Redwyne ship.

The ship arrived at the Harbor.


"I was never meant for this. Luck has got me this far, and who says luck will let me live any longer?" - Alia to Qazzaq zo Loraq


Jaquen Mohoro, briefly betrothed

Marq Baelish, brother

Borhin Baelish, father

Roslyn Tully , mother