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Alicent Roxton is the daughter of Lord Jonothor Roxton and the younger twin sister of Jocelyn Roxton. She is thought to be mad, claiming to hear a voice in her head called Friend, however, overall she is considered odd, but harmless.

She is nine-and-ten in 513 AC.

Recent History

Eighth Era

Alicent travels from the Ring to Oldtown with her family to attend a Ball held by Lady Ashara Lannister. On the journey, her madness is seen by her sisters, Jocelyn and Margaery.

She remained in her chambers during the Ball itself by the 'advice' of her father. Whilst on the return trip, her paranoia grew, resulting in her attacking her sister, Margaery. Back at the Ring, she needed to be held down in order for the castle's Maester to diagnose her with severe paranoia.