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Alisandra or "Little Ali" is the youngest child of the late Lord Perros Gargalen and his wife, Lady Loreza. Her older sister is Lady Obara Gargalen, the current Lady of Salt Shore.

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Alisandra was born the youngest of the Gargalen siblings just after the Ascent of the Lion. She is the most innocent out of the five of them, dreaming of dashing knights and balls. Many members of House Gargalen call her Little Ali for short.

Recent Events

First Era

Alisandra is born at Salt Shore.

Eighth Era

Her father, Perros dies forcing Obara to take up the lordship. When Obara talks about the trade deal with the Reach that House Dayne is organizing, Alisandra suggests that they ofter their blood oranges and millet. She gets excited when she gets a new dress from Aunt Elia Sand before Obara leaves for Starfall. Alisandra cries when Sylvia and Owen fight next to Ravella's sickbed.


“But you’re going to miss the creamcakes!” - Alisandra to Ravella when she excuses herself from dinner.

“Has she ever been with a man, like at all? Have you ever thought that she might be into girls?” - Alisandra joking at dinner about Obara's reluctance to marry.

"Ravella? I’ve brought honey glazed sweet rolls… your favorite.” - Alisandra trying to cheer Ravella up with honeyed sweet rolls after her miscarriage.

“Make them stop! Please! It’s not helping to ease Rav!” - Alisandra begging Obara to make her siblings stop fighting.