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Alyce Connington was a lady of House Arryn, and former wife to Nathaniel Arryn, the Hand of The King. She is the mother to Sheira Arryn. She jumped to her death from the Moon Door at he beginning of the fifth era. 



Born a Connington of Griffin's Roost, Alyce had a fairly uneventful childhood. She oft spent time fighting with her brothers, accusing them of things they didn't do, and enjoying getting them in trouble. To say the least, she was a very mean little girl.

When eight members of House Connington went off to war against the Greyjoys, Alyce prayed to the Seven for their safe return. When only two returned, Alyce lost her faith.  

Her father had come home the broken shell of a man, forever haunted by the death of his family. She remembered being a child and watching her father wasting away in his chambers, muttering nonsense about how his sons and brother had been pulled down into their watery graves by a kraken’s slimy grasp.

The Lord of Light found her then. Alyce believed he sent his messenger in the guise of a serving girl from Essos who told her tales of R’hllor's love and mercy.

Important Events

Second Era

Alyce married Nathaniel Arryn. She managed to keep her faith a secret for a time, however the small council revealed it after she visited a secret R'hllor movement in the capital. Nathaniel pleaded with her to keep her faith secret.

Third Era

During the Spring without Sun, Alyce and Nathaniel returned to King's Landing, where Alyce gave birth to their daughter, Shiera Arryn

Fourth Era

Alyce and Shiera were sent back to the Eyrie at the begining of the War of the False King. Driven by madness and jealousy, Alyce descended into depression, and renewed her fervent worship of R'hllor. Alyce attempted a blood sacrifice in order to curse her husband's former love, Catelyn.

Fifth Era

Alyce isolated herself from the rest of the Eyrie and drove herself mad staring endlessly into the flames. She received word that the war had ended, but instead of returning to the capital, Alyce chose to jump from the moon door.


Orys Connington, brother

Nathaniel Arryn, husband