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Alysanne is the younger daughter to Lord Olyvar and Lady Melessa Tyrell, born in the first few days of 512 AC at the Lioness' Ball in Oldtown. Her unnamed twin brother died at birth.

She and her elder sister, Elyana, were what her parents bonded over following the loss of their son and discovery they could no longer have children. Her wet-nurse from Oldtown, Maggy, returned to Highgarden with the Alysanne and the Tyrells to continue serving the family after they departed.

Her first word was "Bye." She said it to her mother when she bore witness to an argument between her parents. Melessa attempted to storm out of the room but returned quickly when Alysanne spoke up. Once she began speaking, her father soon started basic lesson in Valyrian with Alysanne as he has with her sister at her age. Elyana assisted in teaching Alysanne, however the lessons ended almost as quickly as they began, with Lord Tyrell going on the road for his trade deal with Dorne.