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Alyssa of Hunterbark Keep is a courtier at Longbow Hall, lady in waiting to Lady Rowena Elesham, and lover of Loras Hunter.


Alyssa was born as the eldest daughter of Ser Marq of Hunterbark Keep, a landed knight under Lords of Longbow Hall, and his Stormlander wife Jonelle. She has two elder brothers, and a younger sister, and her childhood has mostly been quiet and peaceful.

Eventually, Marq managed to negotiate to have his eldest daughter at the court of Longbow Hall, and since then, she's become the companion of the sickly Lady Rowena.

Recent history

Eight Era


Ser Marq of Hunterbark Keep, b.458 AC

  • m. Jonelle of Hunterbark Keep, b. 461 AC
    • Ser Brandon of Hunterbark Keep, b.482 AC
    • m. Barbrey, b.483 AC
      • Cynthea, b. 506
      • Manfred, b. 508
      • Dacey, b.510
    • Septon Qarl, b. 484 AC
    • Alyssa of Hunterbark Keep, b.490 AC
    • Carellen of Hunterbark Keep, b. 492 AC