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Alyssa Frey is the sixteen year old daughter of Lord Randyll Frey and Belandra Lannister. She is currently at the Twins under her brothers protection.



Alyssa Frey is the sister to the current Lord Paramount of the Riverlands, Brynden Frey.

Alyssa has long dark hair and blue eyes, and is regarded by many as beautiful – herself included. Despite her good looks, Alyssa is not simply a pretty face, and like many Frey’s she can be cunning. From a young age, she was educated at the Twins on how to comport herself as a true lady, and she loves the privilege and prestige that comes with being treated as such. Although not foolish, Alyssa herself is intoxicated by the glory of chivalrous knights and nobles.

Alyssa does not fully trust her brother Brynden, even though he is the only person she has left whom she is close too. She at times believes that Brynden will and has been simply using her as a political tool, to cement his rule over the Riverlands by marrying her off to whatsoever house he should want an alliance with. That said, she does often dream of marrying off into a powerful family.

Important Events

Alyssa fled from her father Randyll’s failed siege of Harrenhal with Bryden, her mother and two brothers. Unfortunately, her mother and two other brothers were killed on route to Casterly Rock, leaving just her and Brynden alive by the time he decided to take her to Seaguard.

It was then decided that they best remain in hiding in Seaguard, presumed dead, until the right time came for Brynden to take back his title as Lord of the Crossing. When this time came, Brynden left Alyssa in Seaguard, pretending she was still dead so to secure his lordship.

As Brynden became Lord Paramount after deposing his Uncle Edwin, Alyssa still remained at Seaguard under the name Arienne. Unfortunately, she was still there when Lord Denys Mallister rebelled against her brother, and was held captive there until Brynden arrived to rescue her and put the rebels to the sword.

Only recently has she actually returned to the Twins, having lived in Seaguard for the best part of her recent life, and having accompanied Brynden on his travels.


Randyll Frey, father (deceased)

Belandra Lannister, mother (deceased) 

Alester Frey, brother (deceased)

Brynden Frey, brother

Tywin Frey, brother (deceased)