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Argella Seaworth is the widow of Lord Devan Seaworth, and mother to Matthos and Torrhen Seaworth. She is originally from House Mertyns.


Recent History

First Era

Argella was struck by grief at the loss of her husband

Fourth Era

After her brother-in-law failed in convincing Orys Connington to release her sons, Argella found herself spiralling into depression.

Fifth Era

Abandoned by Janos, Argella sought a way to free her sons independently. During the feast that celebrated the Queen and King's victory over Gylen Hightower, she offered House Seaworth's loyalty in return for the safety of her twin children.

Family Members

Matthos Seaworth, son

Torrhen Seaworth, son

Devan Seaworth, husband (deceased)

Janos Seaworth, brother-in-law