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Lady Arianne Dayne, the first daughter of Arthur Dayne and current Lady of Starfall. She has the traditional purple eyes and silver hair of House Dayne. Arianne enjoys watching the stars, learning new languages, and being left alone.


Sixth Era:

Arianne becomes castellan of Starfall while her brother Martyn fulfills his duties as Prince Constort to Princess Seralla Martell.

Seventh Era:

Arianne is given the position of Lady of Starfall by Sarella over her brother Martyn. While she enjoyed her tenure as castellan, Arianne finds the responsibilities of Lady overbearing. She can often be found hiding in the observatory, searching the stars for answers.

Realizing that she needs help, Arianne sends out letters across Dorne looking for someone to take the position of Steward. After completing different tests and activities to weed out lesser men, Colin Uller is chosen to become steward to Starfall and works beside Arianne to bring the ancient house back to it's former glory.

Eighth Era:

Once things become settled, Arianne begins to search for ways to fill the dwindling coffers of House Dayne. Looking to the Blight stricken Reach, she proposes a trade deal between Dorne and the Reach. Once again, she sends out letters to Dorne to looking for those who might intrigued by the idea. When it becomes clear that many are interested in such a proposal, she hosts talks at Starfall between the merchants and lords of Dorne.

At the trade talks, Arianne learns how to become a better negotiator but still has to make concession to Lucifer Blackmont who forces his brother Vorian Blackmont to become a long term guest of House Starfall. Arianne prepares to leave for the Reach once the talks are over but before she departs she receives a letter from Sunspear calling her to speak with the Princess. Unable to go to the Reach to discuss the details, Arianne send her sister Ashara in her place and travels to Sunspear.

Upon arriving at the Martell seat, Arianne is made very aware of Sarella's distrust and unhappiness with regards to the trade deal, though she herself was missing for many years. Arianne confronts Sarella head on, explaining Dorne needed a purpose during her absence and the two come to a tentative understanding. They part ways on friendly terms but Arianne still knows their relationship is still on rocky ground.


"'I can't tell if she's gifted or just dumb. Nobility doesn't act like that, in case you didn't know. It was like she was talking to herself the entire time."' - Princess Sarella Martell

'"Ashara would have been better...They're both unfit, but you need to understand who you've appointed, Sarella..."' - Martyn Dayne

“Arianne Dayne should present herself to Sunspear immediately. Let’s see if the bitch saw that in her stars.” - Princess Sarella Martell

Family Members

Jon Dayne, brother

Cailin Dayne, brother

Ulrich Dayne, brother (deceased)

Martyn Dayne, brother

Ashara Dayne, sister