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Armond is an experienced ranger of the Night's Watch, one of few high-ranking members who are lowborn.


He has served at Castle Black for nearly twenty years - deciding to take the black after murdering a cousin of a noble house rather than face more severe consequences - and has garnered a reputation amongst the recruits, rangers and stewards for his cynical and grim demeanour. To his face they call him Armond the Unsmiling, behind his back they give him less flattering aliases.

Much of his private life is kept secret and held closely to his chest, but it is known he originates from the Vale. Armond often expresses his hatred and untrustworthiness of the wildings, which stems from a raiding of his home by the mountain clans.

He has participated in many rangings, knowing the immediate regions north of the Wall like the back of his hand. Armond dislikes cravens and cowards, often getting into altercations with other men. He has an affinity for the crossbow. He is at least thirty nine.

Recent History

Fourth Era

He took no side in the coup against Rhaegar Targaryen, for reasons unclear.

Fifth Era

Armond was part of the ranging north of the Wall led by Artos Harclay, to track down Rhaegar Targaryen's dragon.