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Ser Armond Wylde is a member of House Wylde. He is the younger brother of Lord Barristan Wylde, and father to Meredyth and Edric, and a bastard, Addam Storm. He serves as a knight and master-at-arms for Rain House.


Born to Lord Quentyn and Lady Tyana Wylde, Armond was their third and final son. Like his brothers he was a robust infant and child, and excelled in all physical activity and training. He served as a squire to his eldest brother, Criston, who was nearly ten years his senior.

In 493 AC he fathered a bastard on a sailor's daughter whom he had grown fond of. She did not survive giving birth to the boy, later named Addam, and upon the insistence of his good-sister, Lady Jocelyn, he brought the boy to Rain House to be raised beside Armond's nephew, Jon.

In 495 AC Armond married Jeyne Lonmouth, and would have two children with her; Meredyth and Edric. His wife disliked having Addam around Rain House, but Armond wouldn't tolerate talk of sending him away. Jeyne would die of a wasting sickness in 508 AC, leaving Armond a widower.

Since 500 AC he has served as Master-of-Arms for House Wylde and Rain House, having been trained by the previous one. He is training his son, Addam Storm, to take over for him someday.