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Arron Fowler was the Lord of Skyreach and Warden of the Prince's Pass until his rebellion against Princess Sarella Martell resulted in his death.


Arron spent his childhood in the Water Gardens. As a child he was very quiet and often seemingly uninvolved in the rule-breaking of other children.

At age 13 he was sent to Starfall to be fostered. There he became close with both Ulrich and Martyn Dayne.

Important Events

First Era

In the first era, Arron, like the rest of Dorne stayed out of the Ascent of the Lion. He ruled from Skyreach peacefully through the Spring Without Sun.

Third Era

In the third era, a knight of the Reach by the name of Jon Fossoway set up a farming settlement in the Dornish marches on Lord Fowler's land .Arron, along with Lord Trebor Yronwood, marched his forces to the camp and escorted Fossoway to King's Landing to receive the King's Justice.

Fourth Era

Like the rest of Dorne, Skyreach stayed out of the fighting between the Crown and the false King Gylen Hightower, known as War of the False King. Instead Arron and his friend Lord Trebor Yronwood took advantage of the chaos to exact revenge on the exiled Jon Fossoway and his family's seat of New Barrel.

Fifth Era

Arron joined Trebor Yronwood in his rebellion against Princess Sarella Martell, and was ultimately killed in the fighting when the Martell forces defeated his own.