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The third son of a third son, Arryk Redwyne was given a steward's education, and taught from an early age what his duties were- to serve his house. He has a natural skill for sailing and loves the sea, becoming a captain in the Redwyne Fleet at a younger age than most.

Arryk's desire to better his house have led him to become a diligent man.

Recent History

First Era

Arryk served as Second Mate for his uncle, Lord Hobor Redwyne, aboard his ship Arbor Pride during the Ascent of the Lion.

Second Era

Third Era

Lord Ferment commissioned two twin warships built named Arbor Red and Arbor Gold. Parmen and Arryk Redwyne were raised to Captains and gifted the ships.

Fourth Era

Arryk's cousin, Ferment, declared for the new King of the Reach and sailed 100 ships to Oldtown. Arryk and his brother Parmen were commanded to "Guard the Arbor". The brothers engaged in a naval battle towards the end of the war, resulting in both ships sinking, and Parmen's death.

Fifth Era

Sixth Era

Seventh Era

Arryk traveled to settlements around the Arbor, attempting to alleviate their burdens following the Ironborn's departure and the onset of Winter approaching rapidly. He found the blight had crippled the island.

Eighth Era

Family Members

Parmen Redwyne, elder brother (dead)

Lord Ferment Redwyne, cousin (dead)

Clement Redwyne, cousin (dead)

Grand Maester Paxtor Redwyne, uncle