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Arthur Smallwood is the Lord of Acorn Hall. He obtained this title after his senile, greedy father Petyr Smallwood passed away under mysterious circumstances. He is married to a handmaiden, Myranda Smallwood and has one bastard son, Edric Smallwood.


Arthur was the sole heir to Acorn Hall after the unfortunate deaths of both is brothers in childbirth. However his father, Lord Petyr Smallwood, did not allow him his birthright even long after the old man had gone senile and was clearly unfit to rule. It was only when he passed away under mysterious circumstances that Arthur, now 35 years of age, inherited the castle.

Arthur instead spent his childhood experimenting with all sorts of weapons, but while he performed decently with a blade, his words were his greatest weapon. His maesters told his father he would be a natural politician when he came of age (a fact his father took offence to). When Arthur's mother passed away and it became clear that Petyr had no intention to retire his lordship even when mourning, Arthur began to travel. During his travels he ended up fathering a bastard who he abandoned. He later fell in love with a handmaiden named Myranda while staying with a minor lord, and stole her away to make her his wife. 

Arthur returned to Acorn Hall in 498AC, where he learned his father was still ruling, despite having grown forgetful and unstable in his old age. However he refused to yield his leadership, and Arthur was forced to run Acorn Hall from behind his back. Two years later, Petyr Smallwood died of a mysterious poisoning, and Arthur claimed his birthright.

Unfortunately, as if to punish Arthur for (presumably) killing his father, the Gods made Myranda infertile. To counter this, Myranda pushed Arthur to seek out his bastard son and legitimise him. Arthur did so, but the boy Edric was unfit to be a lord, having lived the life of a peasant raised by a whore. 

Important Events

Fifth Era

Arthur has not done much since achieving his birthright, but rumours have spread that the Smallwoods are assembling an army for the first time in known history. 

Family Members

Petyr Smallwood, father (deceased)

Tysha Smallwood, mother (deceased)

Myranda Smallwood, wife

Edric Smallwood, son