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Ser Arthur Swyft is the head of House Swyft and Lord of Cornfield. He went missing somewhere in the Westerlands.


Arthur Swyft was his father's thirdborn son. His two elder brothers, Duncan Swyft and Jon Swyft, received most of their father's attention, leaving Arthur to his own devices. He soon fell prey to vices and became known as a drunk and a gambler, often drinking and gambling away the money his dearest friend, Lann, earned with singing.

Recent History

First Era

Near the beginning of the first era, while Arthur was still a knight, he was part of the envoy sent by House Lannister to accompany Aeslyn Targaryen to Casterly Rock.

During the war of the Ascent of the Lion Arthur's father and two elder brothers died leaving Arthur as the head of House Swyft.

Second Era

Arthur was one of the lords charged with rooting out the Burning Hand's Men from the Riverlands. He asked his cousin to come with him, but Lann refused, saying he was no warrior.

Third Era

As they drew closer to the bandit troop's location many of Arthur's men fell prey to the bloody flux. Only twelve of the original fifty remained. However the small force of men were still able to take the bandits unaware, capturing or killing nearly all of them during the clash at Oldstones.

Arthur was last seen traveling to the Twins to meet with Lord Frey. He never reached his destination, and is missing.


"I lost my luck the moment I was named heir." - thoughts of ser Arthur Swyft

"The Kingsguard took their vows for life. Drunks did too, but Arthur had sworn his vows at the bottom of a cup instead of at the foot of a king." - Blood and Whispers

"Arthur was Lann's dearest friend. He remembered going to one of the many taverns in town almost every night, to sing and earn some coin, only for Arthur to drink and gamble it all away, smile always on his face." - Lann Swyft's memories

Family Members

Jon Swyft, father (deceased)

Mina Swyft, mother

Duncan Swyft, brother (deceased)

Jon Swyft, brother (deceased)

Steffon Swyft, brother

Lann Swyft, cousin