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Arthur Vance is the first born son of Hugo Vance and Alyssa Blackwood he is Lord of Atranta.

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His father died when he was 8 years old from a wounding when he was hunting so his uncle Jon took care of his martial education and managed with the help of Arthur's mother to have Arthur fostered with his mothers relatives as a page at Raventree.

During his almost decade fostering at Raventree he listened to many stories about the Blackwoods and their gods he soon became fascinated in their history and when he was younger wanted to only hear stories about the first men and the old gods.

He was a rather poor swordsman when he started training but with constant training from his uncle and master at arms at Raventree he became a skilled swordsman when he reached the age of adolescence.

Arthur's uncle Jon suspected that his nephew was unfaithful to the seven as he never showed the zeal during the sevens prayer and looked generally uninterested but didn't think to do anything about it.

When Arthur reached the age of 16 in Raventrees godswood infront of his cousins and uncle finally accepted the old gods as his gods much to his uncle's displeasure. He returned to his lands after a almost decade long fostering with his uncle who he appointed castillean.

Recent History

Fifth Era 

Arthur travelled to the feast in Kings Landing where he spoke to numerous people.