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Aryyn Martell was Prince of Dorne and Lord of Sunspear until his passing after an illness. 


Aryyn Martell became the Prince of Dorne after his own father died of old age. Aryyn was born the eldest of four siblings, his fraternal twin brother Aryk, his younger brother Martyn, and his sister Gianna. A slender man aged four and thirty, he rules Sunspear strongly, his word seen to all as law. He is a quiet, solitary man fond of books and higher learning. He studied at the Citadel when he was 20. While not entirely a pacifist, Arryn was rarely one to cross swords with the likes of anyone. He preferred to leave the swordplay, revelry and the similar to his brother, Aryk.

Important Events

First Era

Prince Aryyn met with Lord Gylen Hightower at King Harys' feast and the two spoke breifly about their shared concern over the king's relationship with Maude Tyrell.

He died in the first era, leaving his daughter Sarella as Princess of Dorne.


"Would that you should mind your tongue, Roselord, you have no friends in Dorne." - Aryyn Martell to Lord Baelor Tyrell


Aryk Martell, brother

Martyn Martell, brother

Gianna Martell , sister

Sarella Martell, daughter

Andrey Sand, son

Mallor Sand, son

Maron Sand, son

Trystane Sand, son