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Ashara Dayne is the younger sister of Arianne Dayne. She is barely a woman grown and is known as the more beautiful of the two sisters. Ashara is lively and sociable, a stark opposite of her Lady sister.


Ashara always wanted to a position of power at home but usually gets the smaller duties leaving her resentful of her sister. Once Arianne became Lady, the chasm between the two sisters widens as Ashara feels left out and forgotten.

Recent History

Seventh Era:

When Arianne becomes Lady of Starfall, Ashara spends a great deal of time nitpicking at her sister's rule believing she is the better choice. At every opportunity, she gives unsolicited advice and attempts to carve out a place of power for herself. Due to Arianne's shy demeanor, many at Starfall come to Ashara with day to day issues leaving only the most important matters to be brought before Arianne.

Ashara feels forgotten as Arianne looks for a steward to help run Starfall. Though Ashara helps with the plans and manages the stewards well, Arianne chooses Colin Uller over her to help bring their house back to glory. This causes Ashara to greatly dislike and mistrust the new steward, causing problems whenever the two interact.

Eighth Era:

Once the idea of creating a trade deal between Dorne and the Reach becomes a reality, Ashara helps plan to host all of Dorne at Starfall becoming instrumental in securing lords and merchants to House Dayne's cause. While Ashara continues to stand on the sidelines, Arianne praises her for all the hard work that went into hosting giving Ashara the recognition she always wanted.

When a letter from Sunspear comes for Arianne, calling her to speak with the Princess, Ashara is sent to the Reach to deal with their lords and merchants. Not wanting to go alone, she invited Vorian Blackmont, a long term guest of House Dayne to accompany her. The two begin a romantic relationship.

Ashara treats with House Tyrell and other lords of the Reach, resulting in a handful of lords signing onto the deal. Before leaving for Starfall, Olyvar Tyrell requests that both her sister and Lady Sarella Martell sign the agreement to show Dorne's commitment to the deal. As Ashara travels home, Vorian expresses his love for her making her wary towards him.



Jon Dayne, brother

Cailin Dayne, brother

Ulrich Dayne, brother (deceased)

Martyn Dayne, brother

Arianne Dayne, sister