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Assadora was the Captain of Qilōnarion, an Essosi ship, and briefly married to Andrey Martell.


Little of known of Assadora's past, except that she hails from the eastern continent.

Important Events

Fifth Era

In the fifth era, Assadora met Andrey Sand in Braavos. After starting a brawl at the docks, Andrey claimed to be the Prince of Dorne so that she would spare his life, which she did in exchange for his signature on a nebulous trade agreement of sorts. She deposited him at Lorath before continuing on.

Assadora traveled to Sunspear to make good on Andrey's promises, where she was promptly thrown from the court of Sarella Martell. After learning of Andrey's legitimization, she abducted him from Pentos and forcibly wed herself to him for his claim. She went to Lorath to secure an army for their cause, but was murdered by Moreo Vasanistis, who sought to take Dorne for himself.


"In a word, she was breathtaking. In another, she was dangerous." - thoughts of Andrey Sand