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Aurane Flowers is a bastard of House Tyrell, sellsword adventurer, and sworn sword to Cleos Baratheon.


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Recent History

Second Era

Aurane befriended Cleos Baratheon and journeyed with him to Volantis in the stag's quest to be king. The two companions came across the thought to be dead Patrek Baratheon, who knighted Aurane on a whim.

Third Era

Cleos and the Tyrell bastard arrived in Meereen under the guise of Moon Men sellswords. Aurane participated in the latter half of the Coup of Meereen, slaying King H'zahk mo Rhazdar during the Siege of the Great Pyramid of Meeren and watching Cleos claim the whip of the Unsullied.

Aurane was legitimized by "King" Cleos Baratheon as a Tyrell, in hope that it would win the loyalty of the Reach houses whenever they returned to Westeros. He was sent to Astapor by Cleos in order to buy more Unsullied for the war effort.

Fourth Era

Whilst travelling through the Painted Mountains, Cleos received a letter that revealed Aurane's fate. The Good Masters of Astapor had seen through the Tyrell's disguise and took him captive, enslaving him. He later died in Astapor.