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Ayrmidon Vaith, named for a famed Essosi poet beloved by his mother, is the eldest son of Lord Marlon Vaith. Childhood friends of Andros Sand since his arrival so many years ago, Ayrmidon is somewhat lost without him, and has become morose since his cousin's departure, and has since spent less time with his brother Jammos, and sisters Meliana and Sylva.

Like any self-respecting lordling, the 25-year old Dornishman is well trained with the sword, horse and bow, though his real passion is for the spear. He fancies himself excellent both at the joust in peacetime, and at the charge in times of war. While Andros led the Vaith light cavalry on the Plains of Vasyugys, Ayrmidon lead the heavy horse to cover themselves with glory, even as his father Marlon stood in phalanx with the spearmen of House Vaith.

The young warrior lord fancies himself something of a romantic and a champion among the bedsheets, even if few women in Vaith care to agree...