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Azzak zo Naqqan is the Great Master and head of the Naqqan slaving family in Meereen.



Azzak zo Naqqan was born the oldest son and second child of Great Master Larraq zo Naqqan and his wife Kezmya Naqqan. Despite growing up in the luxury of the Naqqan Pyramid along with his siblings Jezhene and Maezon, he became interested in watching the pit fighters.

Recent Events

Sixth Era

Azzak and his father, Larraq zo Naqqan purchase Dagon Greyjoy amongst other slaves in an auction. Larraq gives Azzak ownership of Dagon.

Eighth Era

Azzak becomes Great Master after Larraq's untimely death. He meets with Great Mistress Elza Zhak to organize fights between their fighters including one between Orlos and Dagon - still under the alas Lorren. After torturing Dagon for hours, he discovers his real identity and takes pride in having a Westerosi noble in chains serving him. He becomes engaged to Meha Galare, a match he claims was out of love. She also arranges a marriage for his sister, Jezhene to a son of Elza Zhak.


“I am your master, you are to obey my every word and worship at my feet. You know, I could have gotten someone else more stronger… obedient even. Those men that captured you were planning on selling you to a brothel! Consider this a mercy, have I not saved you at the docks you would have been in for a worse fate than seeking glory in the pits.” - Azzak zo Naqqan commanding Khorane Daemetrys to obey him.

“All of this time I thought that were just some cargo captain but really now, we’re equals, Dagon Greyjoy. Oh how amusing it is to have a fierce naval warrior shrivel up and cower as you’re doing now.” - Azzak zo Naqqan taunting Dagon Greyjoy.

"Azzak always demanded that he be treated greater, his radiance, his excellence. Only empty words to feed his massive ego." - Dagon Greyjoy thinking about Azzak.

Family Members

Meha Galare - betrothed

Larraq zo Naqqan - father, former head of House Naqqan

Kezmya Naqqan - mother, very sickly

Jezhene Naqqan - older sister

Maezon zo Naqqan - younger brother