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Baelor is a knight and the High Guard of the Divine Company.


Born to a poor family, Erick was treated like a mule by his parents and relatives. Since his mother was too weak from giving birth to his siblings, and his father disappeared early every day, Erick was the only one to do any work. Even when his siblings had grown and his mother's health and his father had returned, Erick still was forced to do the brunt of the work. His family barely made ends meet, and they barely survived off of the little they had. His father branded him like a bull as a sick joke, because Erick worked so hard.

One day some bandits came to his family's farm and slaughtered all of them. Erick had been away trying to get some firewood in the forest, and when he returned and saw the carnage he froze in his tracks. There was still one bandit who had been left behind, and unfortunately Erick found him.

After he had this minor revenge, Erick wandered through some villages and eventually stumbled upon the Divine Company. He rose through the ranks and eventually became Ser Baelor, the High Guard. The Septon had taken him under his wing and had show him the glory of the Seven, and Erick embraced it with all his passion. The young farmboy had faded away like the memory of his family, and Ser Baelor stood in his place. All that he cares about is protecting the Septon at whatever cost, and to show the true glory of the Seven.

Important Events

Fourth Era

In the fourth era, Ser Baelor was appointed the High Guard of Septon Fossoway's Divine Company.