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Bannen is the second born son of Duncan Mooton and Lord of Maidenpool. He is cocky and is a narcissist, but at his core he has a big heart and cares deeply for his loved ones.


Bannen is a skilled warrior and grew up training with his older brother Tytos. When he was 17 he got his battle-axe 'Widow Maker' and it has been his weapon of choice ever since. Bannen has always aspired to be a knight of the King's Guard and always had the potential. When his father and brother went on a hunting trip and were killed by a group of bandits, his dreams were crushed. Now Lord of Maidenpool, Bannen has to learn how to act and make a name for himself and his house.

Recent History

Fifth Era


"I would kill them he thought, every one of them with my Widow Maker." - Bannen's thoughts on the bandits that killed his family.