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Baron Harlaw is the current Lord of the Ten Towers at Harlaw. He is a hard man of around sixty, stern and gruff.

Important Events

First Era 

Little is known of Baron's activities during the first era, except that he did not side with his cousin Durran Harlaw in his rebellion against their liege lords, House Greyjoy

Second Era

Baron was put in charge of House Harlaw after the death of Durran. He appears to have relatively close ties to the Lady Alannys Greyjoy, as he is noted as saying "Alannys, you know me. You've known me for years now." He also references knowing her children, saying "You know I've always cared for Merryk and Aeron [and Dagon]... I bear nothing but love for your sons."

Seventh Era

Frustrated with the lack of leadership, bitter over the loss of his first son under the command of Dagon Greyjoy, and tired of ruling under the thumb of the Lady Alannys, Baron arranged an alliance with House Blacktyde through the marriage of his son, Victarion, in hopes of gaining support to claim dominion over the Iron Islands by way of a moot.


"When you find yourself fantasizing again about driftwood crowns and a new seat for the Iron Islands, you will look into your empty coin purse, you will look upon your neutered army, and you will remember that I hold your sons in my hands, and I would gladly use those hands to drown every last one of them. I would hold their tiny heads beneath the water myself." - Alannys Greyjoy to Baron Harlaw

"Always the coward." - Thoughts of Aeron Greyjoy on Baron Harlaw


Durran Harlaw, Cousin (deceased)

Andrik Harlaw, Brother

Tristifer Harlaw, Son (deceased)

Victaria Harlaw, Daughter

Esgred Harlaw, Daughter

Gysella Harlaw, Daughter

Victarion Harlaw - Son

Tymor Greyjoy, Grandson