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A list of Battles in the sub.

The Battle of the Rainwood

A small skirmish, where Estermont, Stark, Hightower, and royal forces led by King Harys fought against the others. Durran Harlaw was presumed dead.

The Battle of Pyke

A naval battle between House Greyjoy and House Harlaw during the Reaper's War , where Durran Harlaw led his forces against the castle Pyke. The battle was won when Lord Aeron Greyjoy slew Lord Durran, ending the civil war. 

The Sack of King's Landing

Varyo Velaryon, with help from Aemon Estermont's troops already inside the city, was able to wrestle control of the Lion's Gate away from the city's Gold Cloaks and let Damon Lannister and his army into the city. The subsequent sack saw the death of many lords (including the King's brother,Joseph Baratheon ), and the capture of many figures of note (including the King's son, Rickon Baratheon ).  

The Battle of Stonehelm

Ulrich Dayne  and his brother Martyn Dayne led a ragged army of Hedge Knights and levies against the forces of Damon Lannister and the Golden Company led by Robert Manderly  in an attempt to leave King's Landing open for Harys Baratheon to retake. Instead of marching, however, the King remained in Highgarden where he feasted with Baelor Tyrell .

The Burning of Highgarden

Gylen Hightower, after mustering his bannermen and pledging his allegiance for King Damon, slowly marched to the Seat of his Tyrell overlords. King Harys and Lord Baelor Tyrell had marched their armies to King's Landing a week earlier, leaving the castle poorly protected. Meanwhile, Edric Manderly and his men were welcomed to Highgarden by Mellara Tyrell, Troy Tyrell, and Maester Olyvar Tyrell under the guise of peace. Manderly opened the gates for Hightower's assaulting men, and together they sacked, burned, and ravaged the city and surrounding area. Lord Hightower also defeated Ser Troy in single combat after the sack.

The Battle of the Kingswood

The final battle between the remaining Baratheon troops and the joint forces of the usurper and his supporters. During the battle Harys Baratheon was slain by Damon Lannister, marking the end of the first era, and the first day of spring.