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Bella Manderly is the sister of Androw Manderly, the late lord of White Harbor.


Bella Manderly is the oldest of Androw's siblings. She was raised as a proper lady, but her parents quickly learned that she had a mind for numbers.

Important Events

Fourth Era

Bella Manderly was instrumental in voicing her support for Androw Manderly's claim to White Harbor after their cousin's passing.

Fifth Era

Bella was in White Harbor when the prince was poisoned in Winterfell.

Sixth Era

Bella married White Harbor's Keeper of Silver, Ser Justin Woolfield, who was responsible for the silver mines that made House Manderly wealthy.

Seventh Era

Bella continued to help her husband run the accounts as Keeper of Silver.

Eighth Era

She later became pregnant and gave birth to Eleanor. Later, she was chosen as regent for Androw's secret son Warne.


Cerrick Manderly, younger brother (deceased)

Androw Manderly, older brother (deceased)

Leona Manderly, sister

Justin Woolfield, husband

Eleanor Woolfield, daughter