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Ser Benjen Glover is the firstborn son of Lord Donnor Glover and the heir to Deepwood Motte, he is a great warrior and helps lead some of The Glover's men


Benjen was the most like his father Donnor, being the first born son he has been groomed for being a lord someday, he was the best fighter out of the sons Lord Donnor had and is one of the best fighters in the Deepwood

He had a bit of a odd childhood, rather then being lavished like most lords children he was constantly trained in the art of combat, constantly going on hunts and having mock battles with his brother, he came into age as a battle hardened northerner that didn't see any true battles

Important Events

Fifth Era

Named Heir to Deepwood Motte


Family Members

Lord Donnor Glover, Father

Glendon Glover, Brother

Arnell Snow, Half Brother

Jez Glover, Sister