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Beron Reed is the son and heir of Lord Cregan Reed of Greywater Watch.


Beron was born in 494.

Important Events

Beron left Greywater Watch at the age of fifteen, joining Lord Jojen Stark's entourage as a ward as they returned to Winterfell.

Against his father's wishes, Beron joined Lord Gareth Umber's army on a trip North of the Wall. During this march, he met and became enamored with Alerie Cerwyn, daughter of Lord Jorah Cerwyn.


"Young boys have a hard time listening to their fathers, but sometimes lessons need to be learned from experience. And it seems like Beron learned from it, and he appears to be a capable hunter. I'd likely get lost in these swamps if he hadn't been leading." Jojen Stark

"You’re far from home, aren’t you lad?" Lord Commander Artos Harclay

Family Members

Theomore Reed - Grandfather (Deceased)

Cregan Reed - Father

Elaena Greengood - Mother

Lyra Reed - Sister

Eyron Reed - Uncle

Elinor Moss - Aunt