Bitterbridge is a town and entrepot in the northern Reach. The town is named after the Bitterbridge (formerly known as Stonebridge) that connects the two boroughs of the town located on either side of the Mander. It is the seat of House Caswell whose walled keep is located within.

Lying in the middle of the Roseroad connecting the two largest cities on the continent, King's Landing and Oldtown, the town's economically important and geographically strategic location has made it among the largest settlements in the Reach and the first major settlement traders and merchants would arrive in when travelling from the Crownlands into the Reach, following the Roseroad. It is home to an estimate twenty five thousand people, give or take, and its residents belong to various classes and professions including but not limited to smiths, carpenters, brewers, glass- and stone-workers, farmers, as well as other artisans and professional or skilled workers and nobility.

While significantly smaller than the major cities of the continent, Bitterbridge is preferred by its townspeople for its wide, cobbled streets with overhanging bridges, excellently fertile farmlands along the river Mander, and its relative cleanliness and peacefulness even during times of regional distress.

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