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Braavos is one of the Nine Free Cities, founded by slaves fleeing the Valyrian Freehold. It is also known as the Braavos of One Hundred Isles, the Secret City or the bastard daughter of Valyria. The current Sealord is Syrio Zalyne.


Braavos has long been the most powerful of the Free Cities, boasting the largest fleet and most skilled men to crew the war galleys. It is said that a ship can be built in a day in the Arsenal of Braavos, due to its unrivalled capacity for industry.

First and foremost in Braavos is the Iron Bank, the premier financiers in the known world, with a reputation for inflexibility and a willingness to finance one's rivals. After all, from shopkeeper to prince, everyone knows that the Iron Bank will have its due.

Recent History

First Era

During the First Era, the Sealord Myrios Nestoros began to treat with the horselord Khal Joro, and drew up plans to sack several of the Free Cities that they might then be rebuilt using funds from the Iron Bank.

Second Era

Myrios Nestoros continued his conquest of the Free Cities, with Khal Joro sacking Pentos, Norvos and Volantis - thus began the War of the New Princes. The khalasar was defeated at Myr, however, while sellswords in the employ of the Sealord occupied the city within the Black Walls of Volantis.

Third Era

Any army of sellwords in the employ of the Sealord met the combined forces of Lys and Dorne on the Plains of Vasyugys, and were soundly defeated. Upon hearing of this loss, Myrios Nestoros mysteriously vanished, never to be heard of again.

Fourth Era

In the wake of Nestoros' disappearance, Terro Fragar was chosen to succeed him as the new Sealord of Braavos. He negotiated peace with Lys by handing over half of the Braavosi fleet to Prince Varyo, as well as signing the Treaty of the Brass Dome, which prohibited the construction of new warships for a period of five years.

Fifth Era

Pentos had been subject to a centuries-old Braavosi treaty that forbade the ownership of slaves in the city. When Pentos was defeated by Tyrosh in the War of the Archon's Fury, this treaty was dissolved.

Sixth Era

With the suspect death of Terro Fregar, Syrio Zalyne rose to power as the next Sealord.

Places of Interest

The Sealord's Palace

Home to the current Sealord of Braavos, Syrio Zalyne, and his First Sword. The Sealord has an impressive menagerie.

The Glass Dome

A playhall which does not, indeed, feature a glass dome.