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Brienne Wylde is a member of House Wylde. She is the youngest daughter and child of Lord Barristan Wylde and his wife, Lady Jocelyn.


Brienne is the youngest child of Lord and Lady Wylde, and was born onboard her father's ship, The Maelstrom. This would result in her having a love and longing for the sea since she could crawl. She dreams of someday being captain of her own ship, and begs her father that she be given a ship like Jon was when her sixteenth name day comes around.

She was born the year after her older brother, Lancel, drowned at sea, and her arrival was much celebrated by her family. As such, she has been allowed more freedoms than a girl should, such as wearing pants and learning sailing alongside her brother and male cousins. She is an outspoken and honest child.


"Brienne Wylde was the youngest of Maldon’s new family. She was thin as a blade, not yet flowered, as wild as her family name suggested, and looking right at her. She was regarding Corenna with wide, curious eyes the color of seafoam. Her hair whipped about her head, and she wore a grin far too similar to Jon Wylde for Corenna’s liking. There was a tooth missing from her smile as she opened her mouth to repeat herself." -- Corenna Dondarrion