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The Brotherhood of Winged Knights is a knightly order first founded by House Arryn in 300 AC, and later reinstated by Nathaniel Arryn in 511 AC. There are 8 members at any one time tasked with ensuring the safety and protection of the Lord of the Eyrie and House Arryn.

Members serve for a period of three years and are determined through a tourney held at the Gates of the Moon when the term is up. Positions in the Brotherhood are highly coveted by the knights of the Vale. Once chosen, the knights swear vows similar to those of the kingsguard whom they were loosely based off, with the notable exception that they do not serve for life and therefore are not excluded from holding titles or inheritance. Any knight may serve, so long as he is from the Vale.

Recent History

Seventh Era

The Brotherhood was formed once more and Kym Egen was chosen to be the Commander. They served to guard the young Lord Paramount of the Vale, Theon Arryn, both at the Eyrie and later the Gates of the Moon.

Many of the members of the Winged Knights were assigned squires of noble birth by House Arryn. Amongst these boys were Hugo Templeton, Jasper Lynderly, and Theodore Grafton.

Eight Era

Commander Egen and several other members began to assist in private lessons for Theon, accompanied by their squires. These lessons continued on the road when the knights were sent off to war in the Sunderland Rebellion.

Egen remained a close councilor for Nathaniel Arryn during the war, and the Winged Knights were constantly by the side of either the Lord Protector or the young lord. The took command of the rearguard during the Sacking of Sisterton, and Commander Egen was forced to slay a sisterman when he attempted to kill Theon and his squire, Hugo.

The Winged Knights continued to uphold their vows and guard Theon after Nathaniel Arryn was injured in the battle. Commander Egen kept the Arryn as distant as he could from the more ambitious Lords of the Vale.

Current Members:

Past Members:

511-514 AC

  • Commander Kym Egen
  • Ser Maynard Moore
  • Ser Ryam Redfort
  • Ser Dickon Lipps
  • Ser Harry of the Hollow Tree
  • Ser Parmen Coldwater
  • Ser Lyn Grafton
  • Ser Arryk of the High Road