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Bryan Forrester is the Lord of Ironrath, Head of House Forrester and bannerman of House Stark. He appears to be about sixty years of age.


Bryan is the son of Lord Robert Forrester and Lady Gwin Forrester. He is the oldest of five children.

Reaching 20 years old, Bryan started to dislike the idea of having to take over Ironrath one day, so he ran away in the night to the Wall, hoping to leave a world in which he described as, "A place of titles and ranks where your name matters more than who you actually are." Driven by a commitment to his family, Bryan turned around and made his way home. Upon arriving home, he learned his father had fallen ill in the night, and would most likely die soon. In his final wishes, he asked Bryan to rule Ironrath strongly, and kindly, as a wise lord should. Robert died a day later, and Bryan was named Lord of Ironrath.

Bryan then ruled, wisely as his father had taught him to, with his brother Brandon as his Sentinal, and his youngest brother, Cedrik, a more political voice. Bryan married a minor nobles daughter named Jayne. Early in their marriage a bout of infidelity led to his bastard son Rickard Snow. He has raised three children: Edric, Bethany, and Sarra.

Recent History

Pre-First Era

The most personal war Bryan fought was one that took place between House Forrester and House Whitehill, a bloody affair in which many hundreds were killed on both sides including Rickard Whitehill's third son, Kyren.

House Forrester sided with the Starks during the Ascent of the Lion and Bryan was often on the councils therein.

Fifth Era

The Whitehills approached Bryan in an effort to quell the bitter rivalry between the Forrester's and Whitehill's. Bryan accepted wholeheartedly, understanding that the last Forrester-Whitehill war had been started without Rickard's approval and the deaths has been meaningless. In a sign of good faith, Bryan gifted a portion of their ironwood forests to the Whitehills in exchange for their support and goodwill.

Eighth Era

A King Beyond the Wall is crowned; when Jojen Stark called his bannermen, Bryan Forrester leads his men personally to respond.

Family Members

Brandon Forrester, brother

Cedrik Forrester, brother

Jayne Forrester, wife

Edric Forrester, son

Bethany Forrester, daughter (deceased)

Rickard Snow, son

Sarra Forrester, daughter