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Byzos Tagaros is a general and triarch of the city of Volantis.


He was born in Volantis to a prosperous Old Blood family, and wanted for little in his youth. While his elder brother Mydos learned the workings of the family bank, Byzos served in the military as one of the Old Blood cavalry, and then as a general.

Recent History

First Era

Byzos commanded slave soldiers loyal to the city in the slave rebellion of 500AC, and himself fought in the streets. When Danae Targaryen burned the city and the blood of triarchs ran in the gutters, he held the Black Walls; when Dothraki screamers sacked and looted Volantis, he held the Black Walls.

Fifth Era

After Hugo of the Stormcrows (one of the sellswords appointed to govern the city by Varyo Velaryon) defiled the young daughter of one of the Volantene Old Blood Byzos challenged him to single combat atop the Black Walls. He defeated the sellsword, tied his corpse to a chariot, and rode it around the walls six times in triumph. Shortly after, the Stormcrows left, and Byzos had a slave tattoo him to commemorate the auspicious day.

Sixth Era

Byzos was reinstated as general, and began to form a new Volantene army of slave soldiers and sellsword free riders in response to the threat posed by the rebellion of the northern cities. He then dissolved the council and was elected as triarch along with Thalasso Vogarys and Belicho Paenymion. He is a tiger, the latter two are elephants.


Family Members

Vogarro Tagaros, father (deceased)

Trianna Tagaros, mother

Mydos Tagaros, brother

Irogenia Tagaros, sister

Lyria Tagaros, daughter