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Calon Crabb is a junior captain in the City Watch of King's Landing, leading a squad of four men in the region of Flea Bottom.


Calon grew up in relative wealth but lacked any of the privileged aspects of life a last name normally provide, being the member of an offshoot branch of an already poor house. His youth was largely uneventful, but he did receive some basic instruction at fighting.

Recent History

Eighth Era

Calon joined the City Watch of King's Landing, also known as the gold cloaks. There he was assigned to Flea Bottom as a patrol captain leading four men. After three bodies were found, two of which were found by Calon and his men, all mutilated in the same way, a senior commander ordered Calon to find the murderer and bring him to justice.


"Mother always said his mind wasn't made for thinking" - Calon's thoughts

"Aren't you a bit young to be commanding already?" - 'Lady' Shella