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Cassana is the daughter of Lord Orys Connington, and the wife of Corliss Caron, and the twin sister of Alyn Connington.



She and Alyn were both born to Orys Connington and a Tyrell mother. She was born first and once after Alyn had been born, their mother passed on.

She grew up mostly being taught by septas, tutors, wetnurses and maesters as Orys was rather distant. She grew to become attached to Alyn from a very young age. She would learn all of the womanly skills and basic courtly etiquette as many young women were taught. In addition she grew to have a love for physical hobbies such as horseback riding and falconry.

She would gain the attention of many men with her looks and charm but would break their hearts as she hoped to one day marry the right man.

Recent Events:

First Era

Orys Connington ends up taking the lordship of Storm's End and the paramountcy as a result of the Ascent of the Lion. Thus Cassana and Alyn are taken to Storm's End to live.

Fifth Era

Cassana and Corliss wed in Storm's End, with Cassana aged eighteen. The marriage got off to a rocky start, with Corliss reluctant to abandon his womanizing ways despite his liege lord's command.

Sixth Era

Cassana and Corliss attend the Queen's Ball together.

Eighth Era

Cassana became pregnant with her and Corliss' first child. She attended the Blackhaven Tourney where her father Orys discussed with Uthor Dondarrion the potential joining of their houses through a marriage between Alyn and Uthor's daughter Corenna despite the agreement that was already made to wed him to Sybelle Swann.

When Alyn was bested by Durran Dondarrion in the finals of the joust, in a fit of rage the Connington heir struck him the the back of the head with the pommel of his sword. This lead to the death of the Dondarrion heir and also for Orys to spirit Alyn out of Blackhaven out of fear. Alyn's party ended up captured and he was held prisoner by Daven Seaworth. The stress had put a lot of strain on Cassana's pregnancy and she ended up giving birth to a girl named Maris. In the meantime her marriage to Corliss began to sour.

Once she got news of Alyn's execution, she became very distraught. She forced her husband into attending his funeral in Griffin's Roost which in turn became a call to arms arranged by Orys, declaring war on Uthor in the process. Corliss who with the help of Rhaenys Caron who had arranged for the neutrality of House Caron agreed upon by Uthor Dondarrion in case there was ever a conflict, refused to aid Orys. Cassana became livid with Corliss for not aiding her family, thus she took Maris and stayed behind at Griffin's Roost. Later on she discovered that she was pregnant again and moved herself to Storm's End for safety.


"That is why Cassana will hold our children and not I. It won't matter if she is bold." - Corliss Caron at his own wedding whilst he and Cassana talk to Dagon Greyjoy as his infant son is ripping his hair out.

"Now now, I'll always be a Connington. And don't be silly! I'll be so upset if you start calling me Lady Caron..." Cassana in conversation with Sansa Penrose during her wedding to Corliss.

I know that I am ill suited as a husband, just as I am like unworthy of the title lord, but there is only one answer I can give you in the light of recent events. I can keep you safe, I will keep you and our child safe." - Corliss comforting Cassana after they arrived at Nightsong from the Blackhaven Tourney.


Orys Connington - Father, Lord Paramount of the Stormlands and Lord of Storm's End

unnamed Tyrell - Mother, a distant member of House Tyrell

Alyn Connington - Brother, former heir to Storm's End

Corliss Caron - Husband, Lord of Nightsong

Maris Caron - Daughter, heir to Nightsong

Alyce Arryn - Aunt, wife of Nathaniel Arryn

Nathaniel Arryn - Uncle, Lord Protector of the Vale, Warden of the East

Shiera Arryn - Cousin, lady of House Arryn

Arthur Connington - Cousin, Lord of Griffin's Roost