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Cedric Chester is the Lord of Greenshield, and Lord of House Chester.


He was born to a floundering noble house that lived on ideas of the past. His father, Arthur Chester decided to bring them out of the past an into the present. He invested in the wine industry and brought shipbuilding experts in to help modernize the Chester fleet. After all, it still was a good idea to have a fleet to hold off the Ironborn. This introduced Cedric to the world of sailing, and his ambition in it was encouraged by his father. Sadly when Chester was seven Arthur's ship was sunk by a storm on the way back from Oldtown. While they recovered the crew they never recovered his Arthur's corpse. This pushed Cedric to continue his sailing to make sure it didn't happen to him. At thirteen, Cedric started his squirehood and swordsmanship under the tutelage of the master-of-arms of Greenshield, Ser Ben of the Mander. While skilled at sailing, he is rather poor in swordsmanship. When he turned eighteen he was knighted and took control of what was left of his lands after his regent mismanaged it.

Recent History

Eight Era

Cedric traveled to the Ball at Oldtown and mingled with many nobles, including Alysanne Caswell.


Family Members

Arthur Chester, father (presumed deceased)

Joanna Chester, mother (deceased)

Alyce Chester, sister