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Celia Tully is the second child and youngest daughter of Benedict Tully. Her days are filled with sewing, reading, and knitting besides Septa Molelle who keeps a keen eye on the Tully. She loves wearing fine dresses and being the center of attention. One day she wants to be married to a Lord and manage his household.


Celia was born in 494 and is the second child of Lord Benedict Tully. Growing up, she was very close with her mother who used to tell her stories and make her smile. Sadly LadyTully died while giving birth to her brother, Mathis, though Celia has never held it against her brother. Her older sister, Amerei, has taken up the mantle of Lady Tully which has caused Celia to resent her.

Though Celia considers herself a woman grown, her sister requires her to have a septa to watches her every move. Celia wishes to be free of the constant supervision and hope to marry as soon as her father can find a match.

Recent History

Eighth Era

Celia deals with the stifling life of living under her sister's thumb. Her brother Mathis Tully helps Celia deal with the quiet life she leads undermining their sister's attempt to keep Celia naive of the world outside Riverrun. After Mathis's lessons, Celia becomes interested in her brother's sworn shield Ser Dickon. Celia and Dickon have a few chaste but private meetings but her septa put a stop to their conversations reminding Celia of her dream to become Lady Frey.

The unrest of the Riverlands finds its way to Celia when her father, Benedict Tully, announces he plans to marry again after hearing about the Red Funeral. The Ryger's come to Riverrun seeking help in the upcoming battles bring Gwenys Ryger and her brother Tristian. While Celia befriends Gwenys quickly, things become rough when Mathis takes her young brother out drinking. Shortly after a betrothal between Mathis and Gwenys is announced much to Celia's surprise.

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Celia is freed from her Septa's grip when the old woman dies and she feels guilty for wanting her dead. Before she can fully grieve, Mathis dies taking the Bracken forces on in battle leaving Amerei heir to House Tully. The proximity of enemy forces brings Lord Frey and King Damon to Riverrun, and Celia's dream of marrying Brynden Frey comes true. The dream quickly becomes a nightmare when she realizes her new husband is less than excited about the match and she wakes alone in their marriage bed.

After her embarrassing experience at the wedding feast, Celia decides she needs to educate herself about the world around her. She begins taking lessons with Maester Larys but struggles at the basics.


At least Celia had made a pretty bride. - Brynden Frey

Celia Tully. She’s warm, charming, excited to be wed to the Lord of the Riverlands. Everything you failed to be. - Brynden Frey to Alicent Baelish