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Cerrick Manderly was the Steward of New Castle.


Cerrick Manderly was Androw Manderly's younger brother. He squired for the old castellan of New Castle for several years but was never knighted. When his cousin Wyman became lord of White Harbor, Wyman named him Steward of New Castle.

Important Events

Fourth Era

Wyman Manderly made Cerrick his steward. When he passed away under mysterious circumstances Cerrick was instrumental in allowing his brother Androw to inherit White Harbor.

Fifth Era

Cerrick continued to act as Steward of New Castle on behalf of his brother.

Sixth Era

Cerrick took up the majority of Androw's Lordly duties after he started to mourn the death of his true love Lyanna Stark.

Seventh Era

Cerrick urged his reclusive brother to answer Jojen Stark's call to arms against the Wilding King. To which Androw refused.

Eighth Era

Cerrick continues to help run White Harbor without his brother's help. He urged to make amends with the Starks of Winterfell much to Androw's refusal. He welcomed the Arryns to White Harbor when they came to recover from the Sunderland's Rebellion.

Cerrick sided with his brother when Jojen arrived in White Harbor to make Androw answer for his defiance. After his brother was captured Cerrick barred the gates to New Castle and grew ready to fight for his sibling's freedom. He sent word to a garrison in Wolf's Den (a castle held by the Manderlys) to sneak out and capture the children of Jojen, who were in a separate part of the city, with the hopes of exchanging Androw.

Unfortunately the Lord Commander of the Winged Knights, Kym Egen, led by Theon Arryn entered a tense stand off and attempted to force Cerrick to open New Castle's doors to the Starks. While Cerrick refused, his co-castellan uncles complied and opened the gates.

Captured, Cerrick watched his brother get executed for treason. He was then executed by direwolves after it was revealed he was behind the Stark children kidnapping plot.


Androw Manderly, brother (deceased)

Leona Manderly, sister

Bella Manderly, sister

Eleanor Woolfield, niece

Warne Bolton, secret nephew