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Ceryse Fossoway is the daughter of Lord Raymun Fossway, and wife of Ser Domeric Inchfield


Ceryse is the second youngest of the six surviving Fossoway children. During the War of the False King, she sheltered within Cider Hall as King Damon Lannister besieged her home. After her father bent the knee to the King and received a pardon from the Crown at Oldtown after re-swearing fealty to them, she continued with daily life in Cider Hall, hoping to avoid a marriage as her father so often discussed the subject.

Important Events

Sixth Era

Her youngest brothers, Derrick and Owen, died of an unknown illness not long after birth, sending Ceryse's mother Lady Leonette into an isolative state which left her completely unattentive to her family. Ceryse attended the Appleton Tourney with several of her siblings where she met Ser Domeric Inchfield and Lady Cyrenna Serry, quickly becoming friends with both. Unbeknownst to her, her father Lord Raymun had been in talks with Lord Theomore Inchfield to betroth her to Domeric, plans which were revealed after Domeric won the jousting and declared her Queen of Love and Beauty. She was present for the death of Ser Harys Inchfield in the melee.

Ceryse and Domeric's betrothal was solidified several months after the tourney when they wed at Inchfield. She accompanied Domeric to Oldtown where he received orders from Lady Paramount Ashara Lannister to represent the Reach in the trial of Symeon Stark. In King's Landing she quickly became friends with Ladies Rhaenys Caron and Loreza Allyrion. The Dornishwoman in particular became a close friend of hers, as she helped ease Ceryse's worries and gave her advice on motherhood after discovering she was pregnant.

Seventh Era

After the trial and execution of Symeon Stark, Ceryse returned with Domeric to the Reach where they prepared for the arrival of their child amidst the uncertainty that the Blight caused throughout the region.


“I do, Dom. Maybe not fully, but I do understand. And I understand that you blame yourself, but you can’t. Things happen, and people die, and you can’t blame yourself for all of it.”

The Lady Ceryse nodded timidly, her eyes filled with shock, causing Lor to feel another pang of sympathy for her. Has this poor girl got anyone she can talk to back home? - Thoughts of Loreza Allyrion

Family Members

Raymun Fossoway - Father

Leonette Fossoway - Mother

Arnell Fossoway - Brother

Bryan Fossoway - Brother

Elwood Fossoway - Brother

Janna Fossoway - Sister

Leona Fossoway - Sister

Derrick & Owen Fossoway - Brothers, deceased